Protect The Property Investment
Attorney Michael J. Henry has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in residential and commercial construction cases.  Attorney Michael J. Henry in Fort Worth, Texas has experience representing construction companies and property owners alike.  These cases generally involve disputes regarding the quality of supervision or construction materials or other professional services provided in regards to construction of homes and commercial buildings.  This includes clients ranging from small family-owned businesses to large corporations with worldwide projects.  Our clients have included every segment of the construction industry, including builders, developers, designers, building owners, lenders, and insurers. Non-payment  / Breach of ContractWe have decades of experience representing clients in breach of contract... Read The Rest
Oil & Gas Operators and Royalty Owners
Attorney Michael J. Henry in Fort Worth, Texas handles all aspects of oil and gas litigation from the most simple quiet title actions to complex contractual disputes and class action royalty litigation. We have the depth and experience to handle complex oil and gas related transactions. The Law of Oil & Gas in the State of Texas has a rich and detailed history. The Law involves a combination of, among other areas, Property Law, Contract Law, and Rules regarding Probate.  Do you have mineral rights? Before you sign a surface lease, mineral rights lease, joint lease agreement or the purchase or sale of a lease,... Read The Rest
Texas Corporate and Business Attorney
In the course of business relationships, conflicts inevitably arise. Attorney Michael J. Henry in Fort Worth, Texas has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1990, and he is uniquely qualified to address almost all matters of Commercial Litigation.  We protect business owners by proactively identifying risks to avoid litigation, and address disputes through settlements or trials whenever necessary. We have represented clients across several industries; clients ranging from small business owners to national or multinational corporations Attorney Michael J. Henry takes pride on our performance in corporate and business litigation. Regardless of client size or industry,... Read The Rest
Disputed Contractual Agreements
Attorney Michael J. Henry will pursue an efficient and effective resolution through all phases of the legal system, including negotiation and, if necessary, litigation. We invite you to contact our legal team to discuss your business contract disputes in greater detail. Very simply, a Contract is an Agreement between parties to perform certain obligations. It is central to a Breach of Contract lawsuit that one party alleges that one or more of the other parties failed to fulfill their obligations under the contract that results in damages to the innocent party.  What is a Breach of Contract? In legal terms, a breach of contract occurs when... Read The Rest
Experienced Texas Personal Injury Attorney
At the Law Office of Michael J. Henry, we provide our clients with legal representation in a variety of personal injury areas in addition to legal services for business and personal concerns, such as commercial and civil litigation, contracts, and real estate. Our firm is a client-focused practice, allowing flexibility to remain in direct contact with the client whether serving in business litigation, commercial litigation, or bodily injury. When your circumstances necessitate hiring a lawyer you want to work with someone you can trust, someone with experience and who instills confidence. Whether the need is for litigation, commercial, civil or otherwise,... Read The Rest
Texas Truck Accident and Injury Attorney
Fort Worth and North Texas finds itself in the middle of one of the busiest transportation centers in the United States. Fort Worth and North Texas are criss-crossed by Interstate highways, U.S. highways and a booming oil and gas industry. All of this lends itself to the residents of North Central Texas area suffering more than their fair share of injuries and death due to the operations of long-haul trucking, short-haul trucking, and oil and gas trucking. Factors such as the use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, speeding,  inattention, distractions, work environment and road unfamiliarity can all contribute to driver error.  However,... Read The Rest
Injuries from Dangerous Consumer Products
Texas law provides for, under certain circumstances, the recovery of damages or wrongful death and survivor benefits from the manufacturer or distributor of a defective product. Generally, products may be defective because they were defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or defectively marketed.  Defective products cause millions of injuries and fatalities every year. A faulty or defective product can lead to a product liability lawsuit if someone is injured or killed by the use of the product. The various types of defective products can range from motor vehicles, boats, children’s toys, and equipment or machinery used in construction or manufacturing. Defective Products Sometimes products do not... Read The Rest
Local, State, and Federal Government Liability
What are your legal options if you were seriously injured by an overzealous police officer or due to dangerous, defective conditions on government-owned property? Local government law is a particularly challenging area with diverse considerations, such as public policy, public opinion and budgetary constraints. You need an attorney, like Attorney Michael J. Henry, that with a solid grasp of all aspects of local government representation and the experience to guide you through your legal matter. He is proficient in local government law and can guide clients toward the best possible outcome with their accommodating, personal service.  Bid protests and disputes Rulemaking and challenges Property... Read The Rest

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