Areas of Practice 
  :: Construction Litigation
  :: Oil and Gas Litigation
  :: Commercial Litigation
  :: Breach of Contract Litigation
  :: Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Litigation
  :: Oil & Gas Injuries
  :: Trucking Liability
  :: Construction Injuries
  :: Products Liability
  :: Automobile Injuries
  :: Premises Liability
  :: Governmental Liability
  :: Catastrophic Injuries
Get Started
When you call us, you will speak to an Attorney or other legal professional.  After a review of your information, if this is a matter that we feel we can help you with, an Attorney will call you.  At that time, a detailed discussion of what will be expected regarding gathering of documents and information will be conducted.

Common sense is usually a good starting place for the gathering and retention of documents.  If it involves the interpretation of an oil and gas lease, for example, certainly the lease, correspondence regarding the lease, checks or copies thereof made for delay rentals, checks or copies made for royalty payments and other related documents would be important.

Injury Cases
If you have been injured, the peace officer's accident report would be important.  If you are injured in an industrial or workplace incident, many times there are internal incident reports.  These would be important for review.
Your Privacy
Finally, if a matter is serious enough that you are contacting an attorney, contact the attorney first before visiting with anyone else about the case.  Any conversations you have with your attorney or their staff will be protected by the attorney/client privilege, while those you have with others are not.

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